T. Denny Sanford Pediatric Center at Mayo Clinic

Neighborhood Healing

The T. Denny Sanford Pediatric Center at the Mayo Clinic is a 47,000 square-foot facility that serves children from ages birth to 18 years. The design is centered on the belief that nature provides a stimulating and soothing theme to promote healing and care.

HGA’s design depicts natural elements from the State of Minnesota’s four biomes of wetlands, forests, lakes and prairies. The four “neighborhoods” create a design motif that carries one from the elevator lobby through to the actual patient exam room wall finishes with a consistent natural theme.

The center creates a central location for healthcare providers across specialties combining nearly all of Mayo’s pediatric services, allowing most children to receive their outpatient care at a single locale. By establishing a central pediatric location, Mayo has helped reduce stress on patients and their families while streamlining services.The Pediatric Center establishes a welcoming and healing environment for the thousands of children and their family members who visit the center from around the world every year. In planning the facility, Mayo sought to welcome patients into their “home” by sharing the beauty and vastness of Minnesota’s natural environment—from rivers and lakes to forest and prairies. The design taps children’s imaginations and sense of wonder by recognizing their intrinsic curiosity and intellectual imagination. Rather than presenting nature imagery as a photocopy facsimile, the designers concentrated on how children “perceive” their surroundings. Scale, repetition, and organic patterning encourage children to focus on beauty, wonder, and discovery—even if just for a moment.


Rochester, Minnesota

Building Type

Children's Hospital/Pediatrics, Clinic/Ambulatory Care


47,000 SF

  • 2008 Minnesota Physician’s Honor Award
  • 2008 Surface Fabrication & Design Expo Commercial/ Institutional Award

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