Hult International Business School - Hult Point

Modern Office Space to Support Global Learning

Hult International Business School required an office workspace to support its growing endeavors in international business education, as its campus and student population expands. The project is a 27,000 SF renovation of an existing five-story building including a mix of classrooms, lounge space, and meeting rooms.

The design and construction teams worked closely to design around challenging, low floor-to-floor ceiling heights and existing structural conditions with varying slab construction and joist sizes. The BIM process was critical for the design and construction teams to ensure that all systems fit properly without sacrificing the overall design feel of the building. The design team embraced the existing low ceiling conditions by exposing the structure and mechanical systems and organized the program around principles of openness and connectivity. A new, monumental staircase opened up the floors visually to the classrooms, and interior glass partitions were utilized to provide an open, collaborative experience between floors. The lounge spaces on the first and fourth levels provide students space for collaboration and reflection between classes. Pops of color are found throughout the school for wayfinding. The EF pink is highlighted at the ends of corridors and at the monumental stair. Black is used around the core and wraps around the walls vertically.

Another challenging aspect was the close proximity of the building to the MBTA’s green line train system that runs over a viaduct, transmitting sound into the building. Proper room acoustics required acoustical spray treatment below the floor slabs and over joists to achieve the necessary NRC value of the spaces.

Future plans for the property behind the building include a tennis court and park area that will be open to the public.


Cambridge, Massachusetts

Building Type

Academic Building


27,000 SF

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