Hult International Business School - Hult Boston

Opportunities for a Global Transformation

Vertically linked by three interwoven atrium spaces on six upper floors, Hult International Business School in Boston includes 110,000 SF for a graduate enrollment of 600 students. One of the double height spaces is configured as a flexible 220 seat meeting hall with dramatic views of Boston’s Financial District and Back Bay.

Innovative spaces, such as flat-floor flex-classrooms, provide for a variety of cohort, team, and lecture/capture formats as well as collaborative work. Program elements include tiered case-study classrooms, team breakout rooms, social spaces, and offices for faculty and administration. An expanded and renovated building entry transforms the approach to the school and provides access to ground floor student amenities, including dining and servery, fitness studio, and lounge areas.

The architecture for Hult expresses connection, transparency, and mobility. HGA collaborated with Hult Boston and the construction manager to calibrate implementation of the projects to the academic calendar, particularly summer semesters. Careful study of implications for egress, fire protection systems replacement, temporary partitions, full handicapped access during construction, and move sequencing were essential to the project success.

Classes and other activities continued year-round as newly renovated spaces allowed activities to relocate from existing floors next in line for renovation.


Boston, MA

Building Type

Classroom, Team Room, Office, Social Space


110,000 SF

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