FBI San Diego, Field Office Federal Government Agency Headquarters

A unified, secure campus reflects its context

HGA has completed regional field office campuses for the Federal Bureau of Investigation in San Diego, CA; Portland, OR; Minneapolis, MN; Cincinnati, OH; Milwaukee, WI; and Boston, MA. Our approach to each of the headquarters has been motivated by a passion to create an architecture that responds to the region, and each site, in detail.

The San Diego FBI Field Office consists of three buildings on a secure campus, each designed to GSA criteria, the FBI Program of Requirements and Homeland Security AntiTerrorism Force Protection criteria. A cohesive architectural language unifies the buildings into a campus through the use of similar materials, detailing, and expression among the Office Building, Parking Structure, Annex and Vista Sorrento Parkway.


San Diego, California

Building Type

Workplace, Campus


253,331 SF

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