Cedars-Sinai Cancer Center at the Samuel Oschin Cancer Institute

The Nature Of Healing

The Samuel Oschin Cancer Center at Cedars-Sinai prides itself on providing high-level medical care blended with compassionate support for patients and their families. To maintain its commitment to the patient experience, Cedars-Sinai completed a 10,000-SF expansion that adds 13 new infusion bay chairs, upgraded mechanical systems, strong organizational layout, streamlined physician workspaces, and comforting interior finishes.

In approaching the expansion, we interviewed patients, families, and staff to better understand their experiences. Among the responses, the patients asked for a “cozy, comfortable, and clean” space with soothing colors, natural light, and more privacy. Staff likewise asked for an efficient, low-maintenance space that responds to both patients and caregiver needs.

This research informed the design, which integrates natural materials, a connection to nature, sustainable systems, and Energy Star equipment.

Each private infusion bay is surrounded by partial-height walls and includes comfortable seating, individual light fixtures, thermostat control, storage for incidentals, shelving, and shoji screens for privacy. To fully use the vertical space and create a more positive experience for patients, nature, light, and a color wall were thoughtfully integrated. Each infusion bay faces a backlit acrylic panel wall, with each panel featuring an image of nature. The color wall helps create a memorable space for patients, while contributing to their healing and wellbeing.

The lower level includes skylights to naturally light the space. As patients often undergo treatments that can last up to 12 hours, a circadian rhythm is integrated into the lighting, with colors changing gradually throughout the day. This cycle helps to control or initiate various biological processes, including sleep, wakefulness, and digestive and hormonal activity.

In addition, an expanded 12,000-SF physician office space adjacent to the cancer center adheres to strict infection control considerations while balancing programming considerations with aesthetics to support staff and physicians communication.


Los Angeles, CA

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Ambulatory and Clinics


18,000 SF

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