Midwest Healthcare Engineering Conference 2016


Thanks for joining HGA's sessions during the 2016 Midwest Healthcare Engineering Conference & Tradeshow. The conference presentations are shared via the links below. Please contact Suzanne Ferris with any questions and visit our Ideas library for additional resources.

Attracting and Maintaining the Talents of Generation Next - Retaining and Maintaining Quality Staff (pdf)

Whether you are an engineer or facility manager, attempting to manage the expectation of the next generation is a challenge. From Baby Boomers, to Gen X, to Millennials, to Generation Next, there are communication barriers to overcome and attitudes to address. Our intergenerational team shares lessons learned and strategies to successfully navigate the design and maintenance of engineering systems of a facility and align team expectations to assure a successful outcome.

HGA Presenters: Krista Biason, PE; Leigh Harrison, PE; Connor Frazier