Five Trends Changing Cultural Institutions


I have had the pleasure of speaking with many leaders of arts organizations this year through attendance at various national and regional museum conferences. Several trends have emerged from these conversations, many of which I see playing out in our projects and communities. Below are five topics that should influence the conversations we have with arts organizations in order to help them navigate the complex issues driving change in cultural institutions.


As isolated as we sometimes feel, we are living in an increasingly global world. The traditional audience that museums attract and cater to is changing. Our clients are reinterpreting their collections to tell the story of how a broader base of humans shaped the world or were shaped by it. As architects, we can help our clients reach out to diverse audiences so they stay relevant. 

Swedish-Americans and Oromo-Americans

Funding Strategies

With a change in demographics comes a change in philanthropic trends. Reduced public funding for the arts and changes in donor tax advantages have created economic challen