Up Close: Stan Chiu, AIA, LEED AP

Stan Chiu, AIA, LEED AP


What changes are driving the healthcare industry?

Cost containment is placing greater focus on patient value. Healthcare costs have grown steadily over the past few decades, totaling approximately 18 percent of our GDP. This percentage is among the highest in the world. Much of the cost is driven by our national investment in technology, building infrastructure, acute care, and end-of-life care. With changes in reimbursement standards, our leadership is driving the per capita cost down by focusing on preventive care, wellness, and patient outcome rather than patient volume. To meet these new reimbursement standards, healthcare organizations are turning toward an integrated, team-based Accountable Care / Medical Home model that treats the patient holistically to promote a healthier lifestyle and keep people out of expensive acute care facilities.

What are the biggest challenges your clients face?

Many healthcare organizations are reassessing their strategic position in the marketplace. Hospitals traditionally have provided big-ticket medical services and procedures. But with the pressure on lowering costs, healthcare organization are looking at how they can remain profitable as they shift toward value-focused wellness programs and outpatient services that manage health of the entire population service area along a Continuum of Care through all life stages.        

How can you help healthcare organizations address these challenges?

We partner with healthcare organizations to reevaluate their entire operational processes through Lean facility planning that increases workflow efficiencies. To address industry changes, healthcare organizations need to reassess how they do business, how they partner with other healthcare providers, and how they utilize their facilities efficiently to deliver cost-effective care. Through a Leaner business model centered on patient value, they can drive industry change, increase their market growth, and strengthen their profit margins.