Wisconsin Green Building Alliance and HGA


The Wisconsin Green Building Alliance (WGBA) and HGA Architects and Engineers (HGA) of Milwaukee have announced a special conference gift to promote sustainable home repair and energy efficiency for low-income families at the 9th Annual SE2 Sustainability and Energy Efficiency conference, to be held Friday, September 28th at UW-Milwaukee.

In partnership with conference sponsor HGA, WGBA will send an e-mail to conference registrants acknowledging that a donation has been made on their behalf by HGA to "Rebuilding Together Greater Milwaukee" (RTGM), a national nonprofit organization that provides home repairs, modifications and improvements for low-income homeowners. The donation will be used specifically for energy improvements in the homes, helping both reduce utility bills for the homeowner and to reduce our community's impact on the environment.

"The idea of the alternative gift is to ask conference planners and participants to rethink the way in which we give from a multitude of perspectives," said d'Andre Willis, AIA, LEED AP, associate vice president and principal with HGA "Do we need another bag, water bottle or flash drive when we attend a conference? No! Are there Wisconsin families who need help with rebuilding their homes? Yes! Helping to keep a family in their home by making a donation to "Rebuilding Together Greater Milwaukee" on behalf of every conference registrant is a way to contribute to the community."