HGA-Designed Student Center at Monterey College Opens


The HGA Architects & Engineers-designed Student Services Center at Monterey Peninsula College in the Northern California town has officially opened, showcasing the architectural firm's ability to create a sustainable, flexible facility that can be re-purposed for the future. HGA provided full architectural service for the project, which is designed to meet LEED® certification guidelines and also successfully centralizes several diverse programs that were previously scattered across the college's campus.

"Flexibility and sustainability are more vital than ever in architecture today, particularly in higher education, where every dollar counts," said Principal/Project Manager Frederic Sherman of HGA's San Francisco office, which delivered the project on time and under budget. "Monterey College's new Student Services Center was designed to be adaptable, open to any needs the college many have and erasing the possibility of it becoming obsolete in the future. The center was designed to integrate into the school's existing student activities center.  For the first time there is a one-stop place for students to interface with the tools and services they need to be successful."