Construction Underway on HGA-Designed Monterey Peninsula College Student Service

Construction Underway on HGA-Designed Monterey Peninsula College Student Services Center


Construction has begun on the new $9.4 million Student Services Center at Monterey Peninsula College.  Designed by the San Francisco office of HGA Architects and Engineers, the 24,000-square-foot facility will centralize several diverse programs situated at different locations across the campus, including financial aid, developmental disabilities support, registration and academic offices.  The new Student Services Center is expected to be completed by fall 2010.

"This campus is a major educational institution on the Monterey Peninsula coastline, and has experienced substantial growth over the past few years," said Fredric Sherman, AIA, HGA's principal-in-charge and lead designer of the project.  "The new Student Services Center will allow the campus to better serve its student population by bringing critical campus functions under one roof and creating a space that is accessible, clear in organization and open to promote social connectivity."

HGA designed the Student Services Center to become a new focal point for the campus.  Core functions are located one end of an L-shaped plan, around and above which building-length open walkways serve as the new structure's primary circulation and as a gallery of activity and interaction into the space below.  The building's shape also provides for a 'reverse engineered' courtyard in its elbow.