Planning Precincts

Planning Precincts

Our comprehensive academic and research precinct planning helps owners plan buildings and create exterior spaces that work in concert to enliven a campus. A dynamic campus evolves to accommodate new people, programs, and technology. To implement successful long term campus planning, we use five key guiding principles.

1. Define a Long-Term Vision

Precinct planning should reflect an institution’s long term strategic goals for growth, recruiting and academic / research focus. This vision should underpin decision making and bring consensus-driven solutions to prospective projects on campus.

2.Understand the People

Total headcount of faculty, group size, bench position, space per person, and program diagram impact the character of a community and the nature of its neighborhoods.

3. Create Campus

Outdoor space, connections within the educational or research community, and building context create a sense of ‘place’ that strengthens the campus quality and experience.

4. Build Community

Campus planning defines the community in which students and researchers interact and grow relationships.

5. Define Infrastructure Needs

Campus growth and renewal requires a clear understanding of the utility loads needed to support it and the defined pathways for delivery of these utility loads. Determining the siting and design of these systems is as important as the buildings and greens spaces.