Life Science

Our signature workshop process and Basis of Design (BOD) approach follow directly from our experience and strong ties to the pharmaceutical and biomedical research communities. Due to the sensitivity of research equipment, materials and processes involved, and workflow productivity we track complex design issues from the outset using the BOD and workshop approach.

Genomics Research

Our workshop and BOD approach provides the forum and tools for genomics / proteomics research stakeholders to communicate their equipment planning, programmatic adjacency, and laboratory support needs. We use this process as the foundation for the design of both flexible bench space and specialized core facilities/platforms, including vivaria and bio-safety containment spaces, imaging suites, high-throughput process areas, and computational / bioinformatic clusters for premiere facilities.

GMP and Cleanroom Facilities

We work with clients to address the growing demands for both achieving efficiency and meeting the rising compliance bar set for current good manufacturing practice (cGMP). Clients are global leaders in pharmaceutical, biotech, and consumer health care with production sites in the U.S. and Latin America.

We collaborate with stakeholders on innovations for cleanrooms, strategies to reduce cross contamination risk, opportunities for sustainable design, and frameworks for cGMP alignment with global standards for finishes and construction. Our work also addresses the increasingly stringent requirements for ancillary programs – from environmentally controlled areas for stability samples to cleanliness standards for development and QC laboratories.

Pharmaceutical – Biotech

Our clients in the pharmaceutical and biotech industry see opportunities in the rapid changes impacting discovery, development, and production. Harnessing these opportunities with new technologies and automation demands greater flexibility in the design of the physical space. Biology and chemistry laboratories are increasingly valued for how nimble these environments are in promoting collaboration of diverse teams and accommodating the requirements of sophisticated equipment. Modular approaches in programming, design, and construction are applicable from benchtop to bioreactors.

We work closely with stakeholders to develop a deep understanding of goals, opportunities, and corporate standards, often providing design services across project types and facilities to the same client: laboratory, scale-up, production, office, training, specialty environments, and support areas aligned to a corporate mission.

Translation Medicine

Bench-to-bedside research speeds the discovery of new drugs and treatments. Diverse projects are united by the translational research space they provide for these clinical facilities. As integrated environments housing patient rooms, office and laboratories for principal investigators, and core facilities for imaging and specialized instrumentation, these environments provide two-way collaboration between clinical observation and basic research. Our design work for other medical research types includes projects from large to compact.

Interdisciplinary Approach

Life Science facilities are increasingly interdisciplinary, leveraging the advances occurring in complimentary fields such as nano-scale research. We have developed an international reputation for the design of robust interdisciplinary buildings that satisfy the low-vibration and low-EMI environmental demands of powerful tools for the creation and characterization of nanomaterials. We draw on imaging and cleanroom experience to design state-of-the-art laboratories for their Biopharma and BioNanoscience programs, in addition to synthetic chemistry / bio-chemistry research spaces.