In the 60s, as the baby boom children who attended HGA's schools grew up, they created a strong demand for new college and university facilities. HGA's expertise in design for the arts began with the commission for the Benedicta Art Center at the College of Saint Benedict in St. Joseph, Minnesota. Housing facilities for performance, visual arts and instruction, Benedicta remains a major cultural center for its region and college.

Curt Green's design for his own church, the Lutheran Church of the Reformation in St. Louis Park, Minnesota, is a timeless composition of vaulted curves and elegantly patterned windows. During this time, Ted Butler joined the firm as a young designer. Together, Butler and Green designed the serene St. Bede's Priory in Wisconsin, a cream brick building organically set into its rolling site that became HGA's first national AIA award winner. For Unity Church in St. Paul, Richard Hammel designed a renovation of the sanctuary and an L-shaped addition that wrapped a quiet courtyard and fountain in one of the city's most historic neighborhoods.

With his horizontal and beautifully detailed design for the Minneapolis Clinic of Neurology, Bruce Abrahamson began the firm's practice in healthcare and office design. Combining a sloping granite base with copper flashing and broad windows, the Clinic of Neurology is a recent winner of AIA Minnesota's 25-Year Award for great architecture that stands the test of time.