Throughout its history HGA has supported the communities in which its employees live and work. And in 2014, the firm began to write the next chapter of its community engagement.

Community Action was a grassroots effort led by a few young employees invested in the social impact of design. With the enthusiastic support of the firm's leadership, they built a program that upholds HGA's vision and brings employees together to make a measurable impact through design and service for local, national and international organizations.

In 2015, the program's inaugural year, 108 HGA employees worked with 10 nonprofit organizations in seven cities, contributing a total of 954 hours. See our 2015 Community Action Annual Report.

In the project’s second year, 237 HGA employees from eight offices, representing all departments and levels of experience, stepped up to contribute more than 1800 hours of design, community engagement, and hands-on volunteering. See our 2016 Community Action Annual Report to learn more.

Community Action has launched four new initiatives:

  • Days of Service: Hands-on volunteer outings
  • Design Workshops: Community design charettes with teams of HGA design professionals
  • Design Services: Design support for local organizations that lack financial resources
  • Partnerships: national and international opportunities for HGA to contribute resources

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