University of Wisconsin Milwaukee

Engineering Master Plan

Milwaukee, Wisconsin


As part of an overall master plan, HGA completed a campus energy, utility and infrastructure plan that guides growth for the next 20 years, addresses challenges and opportunities of the existing campus, and identifies an implementation sequence to help the University accomplish compliance with EO 145 through reductions in energy use and greenhouse gas emissions. The master plan projects a steady increase in clean energy use, with 20 percent of campus energy coming from renewable resources by 2020, including solar, wind and geothermal.


HGA outlined various implementation options, including a combined heat and power system with heat pumps serving selected loads that could save an estimated $900,000 annually for the campus. The University has begun to implement the recommendations, with its current focus on realizing Energy Conservation Measures (ECMsin existing buildings. Through our commissioning services, these newer systems will provide a cost-effective balance of energy sources.