University of Minnesota Morris

Carbon Neutral Projects & Biomass Research and Demonstration Facility

Morris, Minnesota


In the spirit of self-sufficiency and environmental stewardship, HGA worked with UM-Morris to develop a Biomass facility and Wind Feasibility Study to meet campus energy needs. The Biomass facility meets approximately 80 percent of the campus demand for heat, using up to 9,000 tons of corn stover annually for fuel while reducing greenhouse gas emissions. The Wind Feasibility Study utilized computer modeling to evaluate the addition of 20MWs of wind power to the existing 1.65 MW campus wind turbine to determine cost and energy savings. Through these two systems, the campus will go beyond carbon neutral and generate carbon credits that can be sold.

A mechanical building like this one could have been nothing; instead, the architects created a lovely, thoughtful, fully detailed piece of art.
AIA Minnesota Honor Awards Jury


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