East Texas Medical Center

Expansion/ Renovation Projects

Tyler, Texas


Over the years, HGA has provided complete A/E services to ETMC on multiple campuses. The firm has tailored each design solution to community needs--whether it's revitalizing an aging downtown hospital, adding medical office buildings to an existing rural campus, or designing a new satellite clinic.

Recent work includes ETMC Tyler, which has evolved into a true medical campus through long-range planning that addresses urban planning, infrastructure, flow, way finding, imagery, and material standards.

Chilled Water Plant

The hospital decided to consolidate its cooling operation in a central plant to solve operational issues that frustrated the system's ability to deliver cooling efficiently. Reliability and redundancy, as well as energy conservation, were important goals of the plant centralization. Reductions in the number of pumps and horsepower, in addition to reducing total flow by 50 percent on a gallons/ton basis, have resulted in energy savings greater than $200,000 annually.

Central Emergency Energy Plant

The new central emergency energy plant for