College of Saint Benedict

Academic Building

Saint Joseph, Minnesota


The Saint Benedict Academic Building presents a new model of student engagement by focusing on learning, connections and stewardship. Joining the landmark Main Building and the Bendicta Art Center (also by HGA), the academic building anchors the campus's southern gateway as the first major construction of the 21st century-a 100-year building flexibly designed to accommodate the evolving nature of education.

The 113,000-square-foot building will house the psychology, economics, computer science and mathematics departments for Saint Benedict and companion Saint John's University. Classrooms, faculty offices, laboratories and common spaces-all closely aligned-will enable faculty, students and staff to connect formally and informally in vibrant learning environments that foster interdisciplinary discussion.

The building promotes openness and transparency throughout. The two-story lobby is a soaring space with views to different levels and circulation spines. Various seating arrangements encourage student gatherings and conversations. Skylights stream natural daylight, and two-story-high glass walls visually connect the interior to the exterior.

Sustainable Design

The building features energy-efficient mechanical systems with ground-source heat pump, energy recovery wheel, chilled-beam technology, and optimized building controls. Other sustainable highlights include a green roof, locally sourced materials, optimized building envelope, storm-water collection system, storm-water infiltration system, indigenous plantings, and restoration landscaping reforested with native trees.

Designed to meet LEED® Platinum.