Studying the Impact of Daylight on Occupant Comfort

How can daylighting impact occupant comfort and satisfaction in an open office plan?

To determine the answer, we conducted a Post-Occupancy Evaluation (POE) on an open-plan workplace, in which approximately 65 percent of occupants expressed concern about daylighting glare—despite the use of external overhangs and internal solar controls. Using mixed methods to explore the environmental variations that influenced occupants’ lighting experience, our research:

  • Evaluated the daylighting quality in an open-plan office based on survey, measurement, and simulation.
  • Revealed the impact of three window heights and two interior layouts on occupants’ daylighting experience.
  • Demonstrated the importance of interior designs regarding increasing occupants’ satisfaction with daylighting environments.

Download “The Impact of Interior Design on Visual Discomfort Reduction: A Field Study Integrating Lighting Environments with POE Survey,” originally published in the the peer-review journal Building and Environment.