Praram 9 Hospital

Master Plan

Bangkok, Thailand


Praram 9 Hospital commissioned HGA for campus master planning to validate their strategic business plan and new branding initiative. Goals were to help assess the existing facility, re-organize their existing hospital stack in order to achieve a more efficient workflow operation for outpatient services and designate expansion opportunities for some new inpatient programs they plan to deploy in the existing main hospital. Additionally the client acquired land adjacent to the main hospital which the HGA team and client determined was an optimal location for a new outpatient focused clinic building with capacity to incorporate beds in the future.

The outcome for the master plan was a phased strategy approach to relocate, replace and renovate departments in the main hospital where timing was critical and consolidate the high volume outpatient programs in the new building when it comes on line in 2018. The new projects will all be implemented with the hospitals re-branding campaign.