Lakewood Cemetery Garden Mausoleum


Since its founding in 1871, Lakewood Cemetery in Minneapolis has served as the foremost resting place for Minnesota's distinguished citizens. Familiar names like Humphrey, Wellstone, Pillsbury, and Walker are found here, among a long list of local pioneers, heroes, civic leaders, industrialists and art patrons. The private, nonsectarian cemetery is laid over 250 acres of rolling landscape adjoining the city's historic Grand Round's parkway system. Lakewood Cemetery's historical importance and impeccably manicured grounds make it a treasured landmark and community asset in the City's Uptown neighborhood.

Governed as a non-profit from its beginning, the Lakewood Cemetery Association recognized the need for prudent planning to ensure its vitality for the indefinite future. Despite the broad expanses of Lakewood's grounds, a mere 25 acres remain available for future development. With an existing 1967 Mausoleum nearing  capacity (due largely to the increased acceptance and interest in above ground burial and cremation) the Cemetery's Board of Trustees commissioned a comprehensive Master Plan in 2003.