Event: HGA to Present at the Healthcare Design Expo & Conference on November 13 and 14


HGA healthcare experts Kevin Day and Alanna Carter to present during the 2016 Healthcare Design Expo & Conference.

When: November 12 - 15, 2016

Where: George R. Brown Convention Center, Houston, TX

November 13 AT 1:45 P.M.

Care at the Edge: A Patient-Centered Medical Home Clinic for a Diverse Rural Community

HGA Presenter: Kevin Day, AIA, LEED AP

How can we expand conventional definitions and design of an outpatient care center to meet the needs of a diverse rural community? How can critical care services be provided in a remote location that lacks urgent or emergent care? This session will share the story of the Redwood Coast Medical Services Center, a hybrid building comprising a primary care clinic, an urgent care center, and a community conference facility. Panelists will share how careful choice of site, integration of state-of-the art medical planning, progressive architectural design, the PCMH model, and Triple Aim mandates of IHI merged to create a clinic that also serves as a community portal, amenity, and center. 

NOVEMBER 14 AT 2:00 P.M.

Aging of Rural America: Utilizing Lean Planning to Reposition Rural Healthcare Providers in the Continuum of Care

HGA Presenter: Alanna Carter, LEED AP

Alanna Carter, Healthcare Principal

This session offers an overview of the aging of rural America and examines how healthcare organizations can rethink their operations to better meet changing community needs. Presenters will detail national trends impacting rural communities and project how these trends will evolve in the future. They will then offer a case study for how one organization, Swift County-Benson Hospital (SCBH) in Minnesota, is repositioning itself to address new regulations under the Affordable Care Act, the aging population, and renewed focus on population health. Through this example, attendees will learn how rural hospitals can rethink their operations through Lean planning to become healthcare innovators.

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